Where models meet content creators

What it does

Say “Goodbye” to TF anything

Make crypto ( like Bitcoin or BAST ) when booking shoots with photographers.

Keep your Portfolio with IG

Maintain your portfolio fresh with our state of the art Instagram integration. You will be able to choose which photos from IG will automatically show in your Ubasti portfolio.

Full identity check

Know who you are working with! We will KYC our users to ensure your safety as much as possible.

Token Utility

Boost Messages

Show that you mean business when messaging a model and boost your messages to the top of her Inbox with BAST. The tokens will be released to the model upon reading the message.

Boost your Profile

Boost your profile to the top of the search for a 24 hours period. This will ensure high visibility ultimately leading to more inquiries and modeling work.

Subscribe to "Private content"

Get access to private content from models by subscribing to them. Models will set their own monthly membership prices.

Stake BAST and earn yield by harvesting MIOS

MIOS will allow you to bid on ownership of exclusive content created by models and content creators. Once ownership of the digital content is granted, you will be able to trade it with other content owners, sell it or simply own it.